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Project Silk

Project Silk


I remember sitting crossed leg on the floor watching old films being aired in the middle of the day just to fill the afternoon school holiday slots. My mother would usually hand me a cake from the local bakery and a cup of Milo (a chocolate malt drink) and a cake while she gossips over the phone. I remembered how beautiful the film High Society is and its memory comes hand in hand with an opened cake box. 


I grew up with porcelain delft blue plates, bowls, spoons and stools. In fact, my parents were so obsessed with these delft blue objects that I remembered breaking them on purpose with my other brother so that it wont follow us to our new house.

 Bento Boxes

One of my father’s original customers were from Japan and he would make sure that I understood the cuisine and not embarrass him during business meetings by bringing my family to Japanese restaurants every Sunday lunch. Japanese restaurants were pretty rare then and I remembered him telling me that he had to force raw sashimi down and had to pretend not to turn green at the thought of it. My first order was a mix bento box of Nigiri sushi and Unagi rice and I fell in love with Japanese cuisine at the age of 7. I never realised how lucky I was to be served such exotic food at that age, but I do now.  


Optical Leopards

My mother is a woman who loves her animal prints. Zebra, leopards, tigers, you name it. This scarf is dedicated to her, where I tried to juxtapose a traditional animal print with a more modern optical illusion pattern. 



It wasn’t easy walking away from 20 years of scientific education, and the act of Napoleon crossing the Alps resonated with me. The camouflage polka dots represented my old military training, the red and white borders my Singaporean heritage and the V for valour, for courage in this brand new journey. 


Trompe L'oeil

The idea of woven textiles and embroidery has always fascinated me. However an actual woven knit wasn’t actually practical for the cooler climates. So I set out to design a Tromp L’oeil version of a woven knit and with digitally drawn embroidery. Why bees? Because it represented Manchester where I am based and it symbolises hard work above everything else. 

 Venus in the Fields

My mother used to sing and she made a career out of it (and how she met my dad). What most people don’t know was that she was also an excellent flower arranger and did part time commissions while making sure I don’t sneak out of homework. The scent of peonies and lilies used to flood the room during those hot and humid afternoons. If our mothers are not associated with the goddess Venus, who else can?

 Neptune Ashore 

The opportunities that I got today were all attributed to my hardworking father. He ran a marine technology business and I remembered being brought to the pier where he had took a tiny boat out to those anchored ships. Neptune is homage to my father’s marine heritage. 

 Ice Cream Paradise

One of my happiest moments was my childhood trip to Hong Kong where I was brought to the marine theme park as park of our holiday. I remembered swinging my legs, as I was perched on top of a ledge too high for me as my mother brought my favourite strawberry and chocolate mint ice cream in a cone. I never finished the strawberry ice cream by the way. It fell onto the floor while I was shifting in my seat to get a better view of the whale and its trainer. Maybe that’s why I decided the primary colour of this scarf to be pink.

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